Les Combattants

Eden Court Cinema, Inverness 




Anticipating next year’s Mumblefilms, we’re delighted to get our teeth stuck into this wonderful nugget from France

This debut feature film by Thomas Cailley (a recent Cannes prize winner) is a wee French classic all about surviving our comings of age , while subtly exploring the issues of teenagers growing up in an uncertain world.  A romantic comedy, we see the typical gender roles reversed, with Madeleine, the female lead, determined to join the army in pursuit of acquiring the proper survival skills in preparation for Armageddon. She is a strong-minded, raw & detached character – the complete opposite of Arnaud; a gentle, easy-going fellow despite recently losing his dad and facing a decision about whether to join the family business.


As a light-hearted romcom which doesn’t follow the rules, Les Combattants (English – Love at First Fight) works well. Kevin Asais and Adele Haenel give convincing performances which make you believe that despite their differences, they really are meant for each other. An enjoyable & refreshing film, & no wonder it won three prizes (including the the FIPRESCI) during the Director’s Fortnight earlier this year in Cannes. FOUR STARS

four stars

Reviewers : Zoe Gwynne & Ingrid Watt


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