La Clique

Underbelly’s Circus Hub on the Meadows
Aug 18-21, 23-27 (19:35)

La Clique is a blend of master acrobats, bangin’ music, hot fellas & stunning gals, all serv’d up on a slice of cabaret rye. An audience of 99 percent adults were all reverting to their own childhood days at the Big Top; gasping & laughing & just being happy. I found myself sitting with 4 local lassies, who came back every year, they told me, for they thought this the best show at the Fringe. It was good, yeah, but not amazing, & the roller-skating couple who could potentially send the woman shooting into the audience like an exocet was actually quite alarming. I was soon assessing the possible risk to myself & worked out with velocity & distance she’d be landing about 6 rows in front of me, thank fuck!

La Clique is possibly the coolest cabaret I’ve ever been to, its pretty slick like, with escapism & entertainment the order of the day. One-by-one our performers enter the stage for their slot, & after 75 minutes they all appear together to a euphoric ovation & a sea of smiling faces.


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