Confessions: The Hour

Still on the dark side of things Natascha Graham’s horror play had its roots in the real world. Called ‘Confessions: The Hours’ Natascha’s character loomed in the ‘Whispers in the dark’ productions for the Scenesaver online festival. To unfold was a tale of woe and sorrow. Most personally performed the act was about what men feel (or rather don’t feel) about women and how they respond to them in kind.

She wrote this as a sufferer of male domination. Lesbianism has not been made easy in this world. The act was of sorrow that bravely brought about some kind of control by Natascha. As she sat in her chair in her slender body language we could see that her state was wobbled and her eyes were full of horror fighting back the tears.

She took to the task she had set herself of bringing a voice to the widespread suffering she knew of for women at the hands and verbal comments and attitudes of men. By simply breathing deeply, in and out, she confessed her heart to us with torrid examples of things that have happened to her (what else could she do?).

She scowled as she told the story of a young woman who had a male stalker following her around. It gained momentum as a story went into the focus of how terrifying these encounters could be. It was her misfortune to see it as a symbol for all men.

All of a sudden the coin dropped when he turned up at her house. She would invite him in opening her door. She did this with a mind that something had to be done. By this time men to her only meant trouble, the kind that is best avoided. The revealed crime story ended as she solved her problem in her own way.

After this exciting story of fiction she was again a woman in a world of pain, of unfairness without the spark of even a fight. But her story was well executed and in its heights reached with a touch of crime to portray the problem as perhaps something absurd but unchanging in a world of unbalanced perpetration.

Daniel Donnelly

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