Forgotten Voices

Forgotten Voices singled out the story of a South African couple Eva Moorhead Kadillie and her husband Clements Kadalie who in the early Twentieth Century played a huge part in the then political upheavals of the Country regarding the high racial sectarianism between so called ‘White’ or ‘Black’. The natives had long suffered under this ruler ship and long found themselves without right of law for anything.

In this play the actions and interactions of the couple Eva and Clements were performed by the vivacious portrayal by Shareesa Valentine in a wonderful performance. The compact writing by David Moorhead for this one woman play took us through the trouble’s, and where enacted only as lots of stories. 

With so many things afoot for Eva she spoke with a well navigated truth about what it is like to have a forgotten voice in a place where it’s all you have.  The tides were high as the play went through its passing stages ‘‘I must tell you my entire story, I really must’, as she spoke those words both strength and desperation imperilled her. With great importance the momentum swung into moments such as her surprising encounters where on her boat set to leave Africa for England she was mistaken for white and the doors of a rich life opened. 

Her grandmother whom she had never met lived in England Eva aboard a vessel. In her heart (that was put into words) she heard her inner voice exclaim to her passion that she would in fact remain and give aid to her Country. 

In the hands of this tactful story:  the storm that rallied her really blew her around. Though she always went back to herself, her strength and her wonderful character of will! through the gripping drama; in a true story.  Shareesa’s face had expressions for every tale in her 100 life times hold on the world.

 There was a solid naturally well contained in the writing. Really bringing the enormous struggle for simple rights there were dates, losses, victories on the side of the new formed ICU who put a big shark on the table. Eva would be filled with glee during her victories as she held her great hope to the sky 

Her hundred lives of adventure were lived to her own great capacities, making the act an enormous challenge. Her married life gave them three children for example, but she decided on the spot to give one up thinking of his future acceptance in racist society and on she lost not long after giving birth.

Shareesa’s performance of Eva was to rival the plots that gave this life the simplest of things: the right to land, to safety and to be allowed to thrive,  Eva and her husband so touchingly breathed life into a huge box of great uncertainty. She knew well to listen to her heart; she suffered terribly with badly screaming voices for her head to complain about but her victorious attitude was enough to set so many free, if only for a while. ‘We must fight on’! Was the deliberation she yelled!

Daniel Donnelly

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