The Failure Cabaret

Underbelly Cowgate
Aug 17-28 (21.05)

I awoke with the fear this morning, I had the come-down blues from such a high-octain Sunday of Rock N Roll finesse at Party In The Palace, it was just Brilliant. So I broke free the shackles and headed on my review mission of the day. I walked to Porty and down the coastal path to Seafield and across to Restalrig to see Linda for a catch up and a natter. Then I headed into town “Just Like A Sacred Clown” via the Pianodrome on Waterloo Place, where I had a good tinkle of the Ivories, before heading to the Cowgate for tonight’s entertainment.

This was a show of which I had great anticipation for on reading the reviews, now into its third week of the Fringe Season. All of them gave a full five stars. So I already knew that this was going to be an excellent performance.

Stephanie Dodd from Fremont, Nebraska (Vocals/Accordion) & Justin Badger from Fremont, California (Vocals/Guitar) perform original music to tell their story of meeting in New York, performing on Broadway, accidentally moving to a pretentious mountain town and doing everything in their power to stay sane and married at the same time.

Tonight’s heroes of entertainment. The Fremonts, delivered a beautiful spectacle of eye candy. Think Madonna in her beautiful prime with Brandon Flowers of the Killers. Both in voice and looks. With a very clever script, delving into the complexities of marriage, Young and Beautiful and completely in love, Doing the Shadow Work, This is a Musical. With original songs and a brilliantly written psychodrama the journey of true love and a shared Muse.

The Failure Cabaret. The title of the show draws from the beautiful couples failings and the good that came out of each one. Its a very intimate performance, an invitation into the Soul of The Fremont’s successful marriage and they completely fancy each other Not surprising they are Divine’s type of gorgeous. Both have rock star voices and rock star looks, And both are incredibly talented musicians and the songwriting is genius. So it’s not surprising why The Fremonts have already had great success with this Fringe Show in some very prestigious venues globally. Divine also gives five stars to this Rock Opera and the complete remedy for post festival blues.

The Failure Cabaret is therapy for the soul in so many ways a heart warming reflection of true love and soulmates creating brilliance. Deep and satisfying on so many levels. Aye The Failure Cabaret is Winner. A Divine Top Tip of the Fringe. See it while you can, you will love it.

Mark ‘Divine’ Calvert

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