Two Men & A Plank

Edinburgh Fringe
Zoo TV Live Stream
Until 28th Aug, 2021

Two Men & A Plank has been brought to the Edinburgh Fringe on behalf of Danish Digital & I can see why. Its just so cool. A couple of cheeky chappies in suits, white socks & sandals strutting determindley around a desolate landscape with, well, a plank. Cue a variety of Big Top scenarios – its essentially traditional clownerie – while drunken swamp blues strolls around our consciences like a harlet in beads.

The enthralling hypnotrance of watching Two Men & A Plank is universal Tellytubbieness for all ages – a fun-filled 20 minutes of action & camera angles, with not all the show revolving around hijinks with our now famous plank. The central portions see changes of music & vibe – the plank disappears & is replaced by Laural & Hardy vibes, flamenco dancing & a slap fight. All good, but better on the stage I think, as televisual entertainment those days are long gone. Perhaps this change of texture was intended, however, for when the plank returned for the finale it was like welcoming a long-lost family member to the kitchen & I was buzzing.

So thank you DON and GNU – two of the stars from acclaimed trilogy MEN IN SANDALS – for inviting us to your fun & rather brain-startling soiree with that never to be forgotten plank.

Daamian Beeson Bullen

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