Effing robots: How I taught the A.I. to stop worrying and love humans

Brighton Fringe
28th May – 27th June, 2021

With the Brighton fringe underway I found my way to ‘Effing robots: How I taught A.I. to stop worrying and love humans’ which was performed by L Nicole Cabe of Giant Nerd productions. She appeared on screen with black on either side as a simple online discussion offering introductions to who she was as a person and what her passions were, self admitting a pull towards sex. She was setting us up for an hour of extremely well informed information about A.I. With twists and turns of the monologue that gave up a real sense of personal consideration towards our A.I. education.

She well knew that today the infiltration of technology can nowhere be ignored by anyone, as having cemented a place in the hearth of our very living rooms. She has taken the show on for a few years and is a hardened contributor to the Brighton Fringe itself.

She took us lovingly in hand making it work for us, delivering her messages in her role as an important informer. Her love of technology transferred onto us to greater and greater levels, in an accuracy that levelled the playing field. It was about how well we know programmes and apps, but dropped a few grenades that she smoothed over by delving into sexual problems of males in society, using America for compelling example.

She made no bones of censorship when she suggested that our human and super human happenings are because we are all already cyborg’s! Cyborg’s who are interconnected with lap tops, video games with the formation of communities of what she called a wider tribe. The monologue was peppered with her outgoing personality calling herself a self absorbed Artist, joking about online dating. This aspect allowed her to investigate how far ahead her theories are on A.I. taking over.

But her take wasn’t like a 1984 warning it was in fact the polar opposite of that. It was her embracing of the self revealing roots that robot’s or as she called them sex – bots are at the point of being a fact that cases the love we have for ourselves which is actually being increased with A.I. interaction. And that at this stage the primary function of technology is for understanding humans.

She had role reversal experiments to enhance her across the board opinions on this new highly effective state of human and machine relations. It was clearly visible that her take on tech has been long established and that the intimacy between them is offering an unignorable relationship of clearly positive and powerful promise of things to come.

Refreshing, dynamic, reasonable very well mannered joking with us kept the hour to a speedy pace in an interaction that was full of masterful presentation. It was fun, informative and giving of things that many of us are unaware of. I’m happy to leave these things be for now but I’m now more than curious to see the next level of this new integration so well executed by Miss Cabe who played the robot and the human teacher of love’s new possibilities.

Reviewer: Daniel Donnelly

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