Tiger Lady

Pleasance Courtyard
Aug 19 – 21, 26 – 28, 18, 23 – 25, 29, 13.05

‘Tiger Lady’ is a Dead Rabbit Production Fringe show at Pleasance; I thought it was a great title that stood out like a familiar face in a crowd. It was a show to celebrate the Fringe’s 2022 festival from Greenwich Theatre Connections. I was given a flyer for it that was an invite to a circus show of music, trained elephants and tigers when I cued at the Above room door.

The theatre struck out with a dusty scene of a street as Mabel Stark (Tiger Lady’) sat down and out and a song commenced the play. She took her cue to a start as of someone fragile with a storm in progress in the background telling us of the reason’s the storm had found her.

But she got to her feet, took in the present moment with a deep breath and threw the play open wildly stating a desire to join the circus. She was discovered after spending the night in a dangerous tiger cage.

Her stresses were to disappear; it was the summer of 1913 when Mable managed to join the circus, she found that the close knit community was based on love and loyalty, just what she needed. The ever trying Ringmaster could be ruthless in his management but that didn’t get her spirit’s down

Instead she dreamt of getting in a cage with a tiger to put her skill on the line and to blow away doubt in a daring act. Were we in a theatre or at the circus? It had a story of overcoming to vie for, acrobatics that were a spectacle to take our breath away, songs that had their bluesy connotations, and a love story for two separate but bonded souls.

The Tiger act was to grow into a cash overflowing enterprise as it was taken to the heights of popularity for Mable and her circus. In her rise so did the excitement of the stage rise, realistic puppets of the cats had in them the presence of actual Bengal Tigers moving around. The play was a performance of an obviously close team.
Hitting the heights of creativity a huge white sheet was spread covering all of the stage billowing in effectiveness as water or in a magical moment took the shape of an elephant.

The highs and lows of the top hats of the circus were dipped in a wonderful success for the amazing, courageous big cat tamer Mable Stark who tamed her lions and tigers to great popularity that grew for those in the play as it did to those (us) watching the play, we felt just as rich! This was a very touching lively play/circus was worth the price of admission.

Injuries were sustained in close proximity of the fearsome animals but they were brushed aside in the face of love and success. So when it all fell apart at the behest of a letter the whole room felt the demise. A ring master incensed and a crew down and out gave the act its ending a timely one, the bonding continued on.

Go and see this unobtrusively surprising play that welcomed us one and for all to the great Mable Stark Tiger Lady who stepped forth to a feast of an adventure. A show with a highly emotive, well written romp fit for the big top.

Daniel Donnelly

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