Underbelly “McEwan Hall”
23 – 28th August @ 15.30pm

Within the busy and bustling Bristo Square is the Underbelly’s McEwan Hall which is playing host to the Dance, Theatre and Circus show by the Cirk La Putyka and Kyiv Municipal Academy of Variety and Circus Art called BOOM ! Coming together not long after the outbreak of war in Ukraine in 2022 these young artistic dancers and theatrical actors have a story to tell.. A talented 15 plus cast members take to the stage with silent effect.

With music that Tangerine Dream would be very proud of the earie yet enchanting sound fills the auditorium with a pleasant blanket of calmness.. Through the magic and dynamics of expressive movement the human spirit is present in each twist and muscle contraction. Moving from strength to strength this piece of physical theatre navigates the pearls of borders and the love of friendships entangled with emotions of hope.

Impeccable ground and air excellence provides the audience with death defying dance moves that enthral you with inspiration. Theatrical storytelling, dance and circus acts connect with incredible timing and are executed in an eloquent manner. Smooth like silk and rough like an uncut diamond this is a precious and inspiring piece of theatre. Through the creation of dance, messages of hope, love, family, despair, truth, connection, wisdom, fight and honesty are the ingredients that bind this show together.

Funny, as well as intriguing this generates a positive reception from an already captivated audience. Juggling, acrobats, gymnastics , diabolo, comedy, folk singing are all incorporated beautifully in this twisting bending and mending masterpiece. These young talented performer’s deliver a delightful but hard hitting well-choreographed story that deserves all the credit they receive… A must see at Edinburgh Fringe 2022.


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