Brighton Fringe
28th May – 27th June, 2021

Brighton Fringe 2021 saw this evening’s performance from The South African Zip Zap Circus Production Company in a cavalcade of dance, film and circus theatre. In a celebration of culture, we were introduced by two giddy people to the amazing world of ‘Moya’, a treat for every genre. In every African style that belonged to the film/play/dance scenes with multi coloured displays to set the senses on fire.

We were warmly welcomed into the show that began for our man on the streets of Cape Town. He had been through the terrific process of events prevalent in the theatre of the streets. He used poetry and music to express his story like a beat street poet. From the scene of our street man crossing his legs to sit down on the pavement we saw his large and empowered eyes that reflected his story. From this final scene we were left with great pity in our hearts, but through Zip Zap for him it was the beginning of a way out.

The film that was made to work on all these levels opened a door to a world not yet seen by our man. Whose tender world became part of this circus who offered a new relationship for him cemented by dance. From the first dance scene filmed in a park; a grouping of people all gently soothed each other in the grass and sun. Blended with a choreography of epic proportions and native Caribbean music that had the sound of a careful beating heart.

The celebrations were underway with acts changing and stories being said. As the programmes flew by, the story took hold as in a juggling performance where in the street scene of a fruit stand out in the sun. The juggler threw his balls in the air with more and more appearing to greater and greater heights.

And taking another beautiful step into this world being set to open for our man from the streets. It came in the form of a moment with the trapeze that hung up to the rafters in its glory. Sharing the ropes with two or fewer entertainers. The noises and sounds that swirled around were from vocals that stemmed from somewhere special and for the film footage that joined along with the stunning overriding beauty of the several trapeze dances.

As the script took its great steps ahead the hold on the life of our man developed by him making the move himself now seeking company as happiness loomed. With this connectedness that was growing with each dance his affects changed, seeing this happen was moving and emotional.

The story of strength was harnessed in a scene of footage of a great African dessert road. Dancers gathered in intimacy to join as a group of about 6 who made this dance into something of a spectacle. Wearing the colours and attire of tribal life they did the rhythms of ancient African Gumboots and Pantsula. Stamping feet on the ground

There was being built; dances to strongly make important links between us. This ingeniously constructed film was amazing in the joy it expressed and in the pleasure it had and the freedom to strike with a rich note at the heart of the performers and the audience.

Magnanimously rising; the plots were worlds in themselves. With changes that made us sit up and interludes that flowed in visuals and sounds lifting us off our feet with a steady craft so close to and capable of love for its own beauty. For simple props the amazement was without flaw and each soft or flowing movement was made to look easy and to have untold pleasures to perform. It took us off to show us a wonderland of colour and culture in Cape Town. With experience giving us eyes and hearts to contemplate with an assured safety net of love placed beneath the dancing entourage.

Stunning, open, revealing a world of possibilities through the fabulous medium of dance storytelling, grab a seat and be loved.

Reviewer: Daniel Donnelly

Watch Moya Here

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