Lottie Plachett Took a Hatchett

Assembly Roxy
August 4th – August 27th (20.35)

At the Assembly Roxy they are offering up a play about the trial of Lizzie Borden that shocked the American public in 1892. Called Lottie Plachett Took a Hatchett, this piece of theatre was not created to disappoint but to entertain to the max. While Judge Baw Sack and his incompetent colleagues set alight the trial for Lottie we head back to the crime scene where a dysfunctional family are revealed, and with all the unhealthy interpersonal behaviour within the unit it is apparent that trouble lies ahead. From Pansy, the broken brother, to Molly, the Irish maid, this becomes a dirty and dangerous situation for all concerned. Thundering onto the stage like a herd of migrating buffalo, the high-voltage energy from all five cast members was intoxicating & the audience was now transfixed. With uncontrollable bouts of giggles, and gasps of shock, the play proceeded at a level like no other…

This is a beautifully written script with no quarter given, which delivers with perfectly precise timing and execution. The interaction of cast members was truly excellent, creating a landslide of constant deep cutting jokes. Sexy, imposing, shocking, direct and hard-hitting are only a few of the words that can describe this roller-coaster of a show. Like an Agatha Christie who-done-it, the conspiring siblings create a cocktail of filth and sex that any scandal would be proud of. No area of family life was left untouched as this fast-paced show kept the audience’s attention like a Leopard fixed on its prey. Mixing fantastic acting with superb comedy this is a very, very funny piece of comedy theatre. Filthy, but yet endearing, Lottie Plachett Took a Hatchett propels the already captivated audience to a higher plane. When a show runs for an hour but feels like 15 minutes you know it has to be one of the highlights of the Edinburgh Fringe. Great cast, superb stage production, hilarious and with cleverly thought-out gags, this is an explosion of laughter you won’t forgot any time soon. High octane, powerful and dynamic, this is a must see show…..

Your reviewer excited to meet with the cast


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