Dita Von Teese / Glamonatrix

Edinburgh Playhouse

The anticipation for tonight’s show was huge, after being postponed twice because of lockdowns, Dita Von Teese finally brought her Burlesque review to Auld Reekie, Not surprisingly the Playhouse was packed to the rafters with glamorous freaks that had been waiting a long time for this spectacle, It had a lot to live up to.

All of the acts that performed were excellent and was quite possibly the best looking strip show I have experienced from the opening male pole dancer, lythe athletic body with lovely lace panties working that pole very sexily indeed.The gorgeous blond lady working the hoop And of course Dita’s various strip routines with her totally fit male support dancers assisting with Von Teases sublime uncladding of cumbersome clothes, Dita does have a really nice bum.

There were very strict rules in place mobile phones were barred and anyone attempting to take photos or film any of the performance were jumped on by a very nimble security. So one had to be totally in the moment. I do wish more performance artists had this policy. I didn’t have a programme either so have no idea of the names and at £18 a pop I didn’t think that that was value for money.

The compere of the night I didn’t gell with either and probably hogged the stage for longer than was wise. He wasn’t that entertaining while every supporting performance was top notch with enough eyecandy to please everyone of every sexual persuasion. Gay, Bi, Lesbian and straight. The last supporting act, before Dita in the legendry cocktail glass. Was a large lady working miracles with her nipple tassels before more bearded bloke on the stage attempting a Freddie Mercury audience participation, I dinnae ken why he didn’t work for me.

As the stage curtains opened to reveal the Cocktail Glass and the routine that I had been waiting for. Dita stripped sensually and got in the glass and splashed around a lot. It was fun, the thing that made me think that Dita was wearing a wig, the splashing water didn’t spoil her hair. She was giving it yaldi and the water soaked the stage.

Divine has seen a lot of Burlesque Reviews in his time and tonight had a lot to live up to and it wasn’t as good as La Clique.

5 Stars for each of the supporting Acts.
5 Stars For Dita.
2 Stars for the Compere.

Thankyou to Louise Galloway for gifting me with tonight’s ticket and brilliant seats and for being such splendid Theater Company.

Good Time Divine. ❤

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  1. Saw it in Birmingham on Monday agree that the compere was too much and show would have been better having a drag queen in this role …too much cringy padding and silliness, more burlesque would have made it 4 stars.

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