Eva Cassidy: The Story

theSpace – Surgeons Hall
Aug 24 – 26, 17.15

Fleming Hall lies around the back of the Space venue Surgeons Hall up South Bridge. The hall had a delicious sense in its lay out, seats sloping slightly to the stage below. On comes Elsa Jean McTaggart, returning to the Fringe, to introduce and celebrate the most gracious life and times of Eva Cassidy. In her life Eva had put an arm around the world with her music and personality.

Elsa hold’s Eva (who died tragically) in her heart as her most favourite artist of all time. Her love was evident on stage as she burst into the song ‘Songbird’, written originally by Christine McVie who played with Fleetwood Mac, but performed with a whole new wealth to the song.

Eva, whose footage was onscreen, would often cover songs she loved and through her multitalented harmonising made them into something quite different. Elsa stood out, with her voice a tale in itself, all was up as we considered Eva’s unbelievable vocal range Elsa had it covered through a great, rich, and saddest of times that perpetrated the story and the music of Eva.

Such a great heart was afoot, that gave the performance an edge and brought about a huge giving sentiment, with clarity and crystal clear guitar and vocal. She struck and pulled at the heart strings of all there, including herself and it became like a eulogy as we were guided along with Eva’s story from birth to the end, in an act that captivated, inspired and even set us free.

It was a melodic experience of music that conducted the world and stopped many heads who were blown away by Eva’s voice and talents on the guitar. She could find more harmonies than even The Beach Boys, her class and style blew away cobwebs and dissolved falseness all of which tuning through musical success.

And quietly we listened to Elsa gently, lovingly and heartbreakingly speak about her favourite star, to then sing with all the glory contained in Eva’s vocal achievements. Eva’s success looked like blooming into greater potential heights when she was diagnosed with Cancer, we listened with a sense of sympathy and honour.

I got all of this information from going to see the show, the well presented tasteful tribute and celebration. Eva’s sense of ethics also shone through in her life and when she left home things were looking good, she may have famously died before she sold but I really don’t think that affected the success of her life, being human. She was tried on this when the family moved school and she discovered poverty and great discourtesy, to her sadness and disbelief.

There is so much to say about this beautiful, exceptional, wonderful artist who touched the world and everything in it by learning to play music and express to a level rarely rivalled by any. But when you get to see this show called simply ‘Eva Cassidy: The Story’ all provisions were attentive to the stage that was filled with a big heart made bigger in the deserved praise in the way that this young musician was able to abundantly shape the world and everything around her. A harmonious story of rich, learned and stunningly beautiful music performed in the same degree.

Daniel Donnelly

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