An Interview with Kuniko Kato

One of Japan’s foremost percussionists

Is coming to the Edinburgh Fringe

Hello Kuniko – so where are you from & where do you live at the moment?
Between US and Japan.

Where did you train?
Graduated from Toho Gakuen School of Music under Akira Miyoshi and Keiko Abe.

What do you like to do when you are not performing?
Cook, Yoga, Gym, Walk…

You have performed all across the world, which have been your favourite places to play & why?
UK is definitely my pick other than Estonia, France, etc… since I performed in many different places including small town like Mottisfont, Litchfield, Cheltenham, and also at LINN’s headquarter as well.

You are coming to Edinburgh with two shows this Fringe – can you tell us about them?
This Double Bill concert features Steve REICH, his Counterpoint pieces and one of his signature pieces Drumming using phase shift. All are ensemble pieces but I will play as Live Solo + Tape.

So what was the impulse behind putting on two different shows?
It’s two shows but perhaps the audience can enjoy two concerts as one continuous program since it is the same composer and his signature minimal pieces.

Why Steve Reich – what is your relationship to him & what is it about his music that makes you tick?
When I was in Brussels I performed almost all his pieces with Ensemble ICTUS and the dance company ROSAS and toured Europe. After that I shifted my career toward soloist. Some years later I wanted to perform his pieces in SOLO so I asked Steve and his publisher for official permission to transcribe the pieces for Live Solo + Tape. I simply love his music a lot. They look simple but musically very deep.

What emotions & thoughts do you hope to invoke in your audience through your drumming?
I simply want the audience to enjoy the music and share a good time together. That’s all about it. Today the world has too many unpleasant events..

You know a good show when you have done one, what are the magic ingredients?
I believe I myself enjoy the music and the moment with the audience, that will create the atmosphere for audience to really enjoy it.

What will you be doing in Edinburgh when not promoting & performing your show?
Perhaps eating some good Indian curry, meat pies and may be haggis as well, and possibly want to hear bagpipe and highland drums.

You have 20 seconds to sell your show on the streets of Edinburgh, what do you say?
Please enjoy the groove of Steve Reich together!



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