Timmy’s World

Edinburgh Fringe
Fringe Player, Online
On demand, Aug 2021

Tim Clark opened up his world to us in the aptly titled ‘Timmy’s World’. It was an online offering for the 2021 Edinburgh Fringe that was a highly entertaining 40 min of fun from a man who’s done it all in theatre. Going from London’s West End to cruising the oceans; he has spent his life being extremely busy from dawn till dusk.

The online film based in his house (unless the whole thing was a farce) that was plush and well decorated. My suspicion that it wasn’t real was put to bed with all his pictures with the stars or actors and him hanging on the walls.

In his enigmatic way; for example he proceeded to comb the hair of a large photo of Barbara Streisand, he was very cute. The autobiographical nature of his ‘play’ included poignant questions asked him by a voice.

His work and life he said has taken him to every port in the world. For 14 years he was at sea where he felt a great belonging. Being drawn to the sea affected a change from your average Diva. Though when asked if he was one he simply said ‘no but I could have been’.

After decades of theatre and entertainment work he chose to put aside his theatrical character and chose to become a hairdresser; albeit a hairdresser to the stars. This was comedy because of his down to earth yet high in the stars personality where we were allowed into every story he had to tell, though having had such a life seemed but a fraction of everything.

The short film used effects such as a scrolling screen change, and footage of him in different clothes and in different locations; on a beach at sea and in varying rooms. His life was stranger than fiction lived up to such an extent of work as to seem to hide no weaknesses, or at least being open about them to be frank about them.

But his over whelming personality of abundant joy and high flying attitudes came across with the effect of giants and super stars. He sat with his tiffany lamp telling stories attuning us to revelations to rival any celebrity. We were taken deep into a behind the scenes operations such as when radio had him on for an interview, and when he auditioned for musicals in Italian.

The names he dropped didn’t swell his head or ego, only a little, he proved himself instead with strong mindedness and always surrendered himself for every occasion especially his own. He wasn’t withdrawn or superficial instead had great capacity for being in the moment. This film was flawless with an in-depth description of the world and life according to Timmy who after all is an entertainer.

To excel the way he did since forever was worth a showing in the fringe. There were so many levels playing out sometimes it seemed hard to know which was which, but then that too was a sign of a great performer. He cut dogs hair, chatted and sang and seemed lovely to be around, who knows what went on before scene 1?

This hour went by like visiting a spa and having a massage. He poured greatness over us with edgy,

no need to emphasise jokes that came about naturally and on their own. No puns, one liners, or anything contrived he stuck to his script and offered a great observation elevation celebrating his own much loved and self made career of success and splendidness.

Daniel Donnelly

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