Assembly Roxy (15.30)
Run Completed today

Do you know what we mean by Zoë?
We mean the roar
The daffodils
The clock and the stone
They all roar
August roars
Double polaroids
Old industrial knitting machines
The red jug and the waxflowers roar
Children roar
Books roar
Passports roar
Small mountains roar
Real bodies
The North Sea
And permafrost roar
Fossils roar
Cemeteries roar
Sweden roars
The Lancefield bus roars
Interruptions roar
Eukaryotic cells roar
Slugs and fire and
The white sky roar
The exhausted ensemble roars
The words we have roar
Grandmothers roar
Baskets roar
Islands roar
Boats roar
Mud roars
Cups of tea roar
Blue language
The sunrise and
Day 7
Zoe roars
Zoe Roars Yes
And sometimes

The Assembly Roxy is a Gothic Church in Edinburgh’s old town, the
perfect venue for this surreal and abstract work of art. Physical theatre company A Good Catch, all the way from Melbourne, bring a visual spectacle in the form of acrobatics, gymnastics, circus arts and clownwork, three performers working together as one cohesive and incredibly impressive unit. Everything in their triumphant displays of physicality seems perfectly placed and very deliberate, every movement motivated by another or by the piece’s stimulus.

Transported into a world where nothing makes sense, the performance begins with the above poem “Zoe” Projected onto a table and the cast. Debra Batton, Sharon Gruenert & Spenser Inwood begin this piece of surreal and abstract choreographed genius. With clever use of simple props to demonstrate the strength, skill and agility of our three acrobats, with gasps aplenty coming from the audience, surrealism never looked so good. I still have no idea what it all meant, but it was delicious eye-candy and it did take one’s mind out of the box, to make one think in a different way. Indeed that is surrealism’s job to make one think and leave a lasting impression..

An all-round 5 star Performance.

Mark ‘Divine’ Calvert

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