Lyceum Theater


28 Nov – 3rd January

£15-£28 (Children half-price)

19.00 (with occasional matinees)


Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Eliza Curran, & at 11 years old I am the Mumble’s youngest reviewer. My first assignment was at the beautiful Lyceum theatre, & it was an amazing experience.  I was there to see a pantomime performance of the BFG (Big Friendly Giant) written by Road Dahl.  I have read and loved the book, and this show was just as good if not better!

This version of BFG is full of laughter throughout, including a massive, felt BFG which everyone loved.  The set was cleverly constructed to be a revolving house and there were eight actors and actresses who expertly portrayed the many parts.  Lewis Howden’s hilarious and brilliant depiction of the BFG was superb and Sophie and her Mum were amazing. There are many surprises in this professional and fun show.  I would highly recommend BFG, which will appeal to all ages. FIVE STARS


Reviewer : Eliza Curran

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