Post Mortem


Assembly George Square
Aug 12-26 (10.50)

Script:five-stars Performance: five-stars
Stagecraft: four-stars.png S.O.D: five-stars

A play of dance and dialogue about teenage lovers who lose an unborn child and then go their separate ways. Ten years later they are reunited at a wedding and during quiet moments it becomes clear that the wounds of their broken relationship have not healed. The pair go on to unpack their feelings of loss and love and work their way through a maze of emotions.

The performances by Essie Barrow and Iskandaar R. Sharazuddin are mesmerizing. I felt they were excited about bringing Alex and Nancy to life. The scenes cycle between dialogue, dance, and monologue, and in moods from humorous joy to morbid sadness. Every moment feels believable and as a whole fit together like a tile mosaic. The script, by Sharazuddin, has an organic feeling that paints a detailed emotional landscape. In the end I felt I knew these characters as friends and cared about their well being.

Post Mortem was like eating a bar of dark chocolate, rich and sweet as young love with bitter notes of loss and grief. A great way to start your Fringe day.

Michael Beeson


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