I’m Doing This For You


5th – 28th August

 £10.00 – (£8.00)


Script: four-stars Stagecraft: four-stars  Performance: four-stars

Waiting in the bustling corridors of Summerhall we are approached by this eccentric blond headed, red-dressed diva. Handing us birthday balloons, her seductive accent gets you thinking… ‘What’s going on here?‘ Ushered to our auditorium-like seats, we are then offered up a warm-hearted shot of Vodka… with this show beginning in complete darkness, you are becoming bemused. A simple stage-set of balloons, black curtains and a tray of cup cakes makes it easier to concentrate on the polite, yet simply committed character that Haley McGee has created.

This is a show of incredible facial expressions and acting, theatre, comedy , drama, story-telling and sexual innuendos all wrapped up in one.  The audience its dragged into the show with reasonable anticipation, whilst being allowed to interact with pleasure. A gutsy performance which was delivered with shock laughter, mind-provoking images and dramatic outbursts. It is clever, yet simple !!  Take a surprise birthday party for your partner and turn it into a production of lust and disaster ..  Genuinely surprising,  this show had my attention.

Following Haley attentively from one side of the stage to another, she uses and commands the stage well.  With occasional light blackouts you are thrown head-long into cacophony of sexual squeaks and satisfactory love making sounds, which left the audience looking a bit bewildered. To open, to breathe and to receive, the audience starts to feel educated in the art of seduction..  With the fall and demise of her relationship, she then goes into meltdown… love turns to vengeance, sex to hatred and then blond to brown.  Undressed and wet, upset and stressed her future is set.

This show is one of a kind at the Edinburgh Fringe, well-crafted and produced with a good deliver to follow. With many a throat-curdling laugh this show is funny, shocking, sexy, mysterious, spooky, dirty and courageous. If you want to be transfixed for an hour, go see Im Doing This For You. You wont be sorry !!

Reviewed by Raymond Speedie


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