Electric Eden

Pleasance Pop-Up: The Club (Venue 320)

Aug 15-22, 24-29


Script: four-stars Stagecraft: four-stars  Performance: four-stars

This year the award winning Not Too Tame Theatre Company brings us a site specific and immersive, party production. Upon entering the club the cast are already in full swing: dancing energetically, there is a protest taking place and audience members are adorned with Electric Eden wristbands and neon face paints. This is a story of seven individuals with conflicting viewpoints making a stand against everyday injustices. The plot is centred around an eighty something folk singer who dies at the hands of developers moving him on from his favourite busking spot. The play forces us to look at the bigger picture, not only to look out for ourselves but to work together for a better society.

Each scene is blended together with nostalgic rave music and choreographed dance routines, where the audience is encouraged to participate. Every character delivers an engaging performance which highlights social dilemmas in everyday life, but more impressively the cast not only perform the show but also wrote the script along with Director Jimmy Fairhurst and Producer David Mumeni. The experience leaves the audience feeling they were a part of the community ready to join the protest. The only aspect that would have improved the finale would have been a last dance to unite audience and cast. Perfectly choreographed dance routines, creative monologues, a banging sound track together with a dynamic cast makes this show a must see on your Fringe calendar.

Reviewer : Laura & Emma Murray


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