Head In The Clouds

Botanical Gardens
Tickets £5


Script: three-stars Stagecraft: three-stars  Performance: four-stars

Anyone who wants to go and see Edinburgh’s amazing Botanical gardens, and has kids, would do very well to tie in their visit with Igdip’s multi-sensory puppet theatre performance, Head in the Clouds.

Crammed into 35 minutes, the two energetic actors Sophie Rose McCabe and Euan Cuthbertson gave us all a happy mix of slightly, but intriguingly, odd musical inspiration, storytelling, and touchy-feely moments.

IMG_7296The audience – largely made up of brand new babies and toddlers – was the biggest indicator of just how much an impact Sophie and Euan made.  They were quiet.  They were attentive.  They responded.  They laughed.  And, most crucially: they did not cry.

Using a tent, a few pieces of cut Ikea matting, some balloons, boxes of instruments, and the patter of poetry; the Patrick Geddes’ room came alive with the action.  The story was a little hard to follow at times, but it didn’t really matter.

Hats off to writer and creator, Charlotte Allan, who first conceived Igdip in 2011.  And larger hats off to the actors – you can’t get anything past kids (even tiny ones), so it’s a testimony to their thespian talent that they could do that with so much dedication and honesty.

Reviewer : Monica Sutcliffe


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