Summerhall Venue

16-28th Aug


£16 (£14)


Script: four-stars Stagecraft: three-stars  Performance: four-stars

Scorch is a one person theatre performance, based on real life events. The script relays the real life event as a self confessed story; about a gender confused young person whom becomes besotted in love and unwittingly makes the mistake of a lifetime, without ever intending to cause harm or loss to anyone.

Different aspects of Kez’s routine are played out using the cylindrical stage space. Each area becomes known as a place in Kez’s life. Monologue is spoken as though daydreaming but occasionally is recited with full awareness of the audience and interactions are gestured, so Kez can undo emotionally in front of imaginary friends.

An engaging performance with dynamic use of mime and dance, it leaves one with big questions about sexual consent, the judicial system and should the media need to be held responsible for the effects they can have on someones mental wellbeing?

Great use of light to reflect emotion and also to indicate social media interaction; supported by good sound effects. The imagination invented a prop which was far more elaborate than anything possible on stage with the space available. I somehow saw a futuristic style alien spaceship bedroom, with the ship windscreen being a double interactive user interface. Just for a moment, then the mind would travel off into new space and time with Kez somewhere else.

Reviewer : Bobbi McKenzie




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