One Day When We Were Young

George Square Theatre – The Box
11 Aug – 31 Aug (except 17th and 24th)
£8 – £10

With nervous anticipation and sweet desire, the show starts with a heart warming scene between two young lovers spending their first night together before the war breaks them apart. Charming and moving, we witness a heartbreaking tale of love, changed paths and tangled lives. Three scenes wonderfully examine crucial encounters between two people as they grow old and their lives change in unseen ways. A beautiful mix of passion in both love and frustration. Funny when its right and heartfelt throughout. The play is a beautiful reminder of how war can cause casualties in love as well as death. An exquisite view into two lifetimes of love and loss.



Transfixing actors Sam Underwood and Valorie Curry are an absolute treat to behold. Valorie Curry’s British accent is perfect! Polished set changes, old fashioned lingerie and magical moments only add to the beauty of the play. A quintessential British delight. FIVE STARS



Reviewer : Louise Mason

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