Faulty Towers

B’est Restarant

6th-31st August
13:30 & 19:30
  £45.00 – £49.50

Manuel-Brian-R-for-website_001[1] Sybil_Suzanna-Hughes_4-for_website_smaller[1] Basil_JackBaldwinforwebsite[1]

As I arrived at the quaint B’est Restaurant, I found a crowd of overexcited festival-goers readying themselves for the return of the classic Fringe fare – Faulty Towers Dining Experience. Pre-drinks were served in a covered alleyway, where giddy punters giggled through the lanky antics of a smartly dressed Basil Fawlty, who ushered the crowd with his trademark annoyance… “Health & Safety! For Goodness Sake! Come Along!” Once inside the restaurant, we found ourselves in an interactive audience, being served our dinner while at the same time witnessing the manic happenings that play out inside that famous Torquay hotel. It wouldn’t go down so well in the ‘real’ world, but here in the B’est restaurant, we all delighted in the frustrating & abusive customer service of Mr Fawlty – which was enhanced perfectly by the professional service staff, filling in the comedy gaps with a deft & discreet touch.



The physicality of Basil is a joy to watch & the interactive play between his increasingly nervous energy & his inept sidekick, Manuel, was flawless. The latter was particularly hilarious, especially when he began to spoon-feed my date – even I don’t get to do that! Adding to the boys comes the ever effervescent energy of Sibyl Fawlty, whose role was played to perfection. The meal, well, it was fine enough, but we were really here to witness Manuel’s bumbling, Basil’s impatience & Sibyl’s futile attempts to keep decorum. A complex & contagiously hilarious mix – I, for one, will be back next year! FIVE STARS


five-starsReviewer : Emily Oakman

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