Knightmare Live

Pleasance Forth
Daily at 17:30 
Ends 23rd August
If you were born around the early to mid eighties, the word “Knightmare” is likely to conjur up images of running home from school in time to catch the cult children’s television show, presented by the fantastic Hugo Myatt. This was a show which refused to pander to letting children win, instead sending them on quests, blinded by a horned helmet, while their friends guided them through one perilous room to the next in the hope of winning a low budget certificate and trophy. (Only one group of children ever won the coveted price in the entire series run time from 1987 to 1994).
Being one of these child viewers myself, the prospect of being able to take a trip down memory lane was one I couldn’t quite resist. Unsure what to expect, (Would there be a 3-D room, would we all have to wander around, would there be a replacement as good as Hugo Myatt)? I couldn’t help but be delighted when we were greeted by chief antagonist Lord Fear, who introduced the dungeoneer and the two comedians who would be guiding her on a quest for the chalice…..
With such a tough act to follow and the risk of ruining childhood memories, the cast and crew of Knightmare Live did a fantastic job of entertaining the overwhelmingly geeky audience of Knightmare fans. Not without plenty of tongue in cheek humour, the audience get involved in guiding the dungeoneer around the quick set changes and we all got a little jumpy at the familiar blast of a horn announcing goblins were approaching…
A really self indulgent and light hearted show, if you saw Knightmare when you were younger I would highly recommend checking this out as it is simply just good fun.
I only wish someone would give the production company some funding, as with the proper cash spent on set design and props this could turn into something even more immersive, although perhaps that would lose replicating the innocent times of the original series.
Four stars
four stars
Reviewer : Antoinette Thirgood

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