Out of Water



only on today (10th)




Portobello Beach is one of my favorite places, its softness a welcome antidote to the harshness of city living. The perfect venue and performance to review after a hard day of enjoyment.

When we got to the beach, everyone placed a set of headphones on & were serenaded by a soft sea shanty melody, complimented by the sound of the waves crashing on the beach. We all walked together towards a crew of castaways looking out to sea, searching for the rescue that would take them home.

This was a lovely thing to experience, the script was relayed through headsets, so that everyone could make sense of the beautiful scene that was unfolding.A really long rope and a long line of castaways all dressed in blue, Members of the cast came and took the audience two by two. to form two V shapes. Then as the sun sank into the sea, a selection of the cast walked into the sea together until they were completely submerged.

And that was it. A totally beautiful evening filled with thoughts of mermaids, cockles and whelks. 

When I don’t understand art. I stop trying to understand it and accept the beautiful sensations that good art gives me. Everyone was softened and healing took place. A perfect end to a long day.

Five Stars for this sell out show of experimental magic



Reviewer : Mark ‘Divine’ Calvert 

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