Confetti & Chaos


Imagination Workshop, George Street,
August 5-26 (17.00)

Script: four-stars.png  Stagecraft: four-stars.png  Performance: four-stars.png

It is not very often that you get invited to a wedding reception during the Edinburgh festival, but if you like tour matrimonials with a sprinkle of drama, gossip and shocking family moments, then book yourself a table at Will and Stacey’s surprise wedding. They may have changed the name from its former Wedding Reception avatar, but they have also increased the humour. Picture two comets hurtling towards each other through time and space and the destructive impact that a of this collision would cause… that’s Confetti and Chaos. Such a delicious menu of laughter and unforgettable comedy gags, all served up with family, cake and cocktails, provides us with a day to remember… but for the participants a day to forget!!!


Confetti and Chaos brings opens its doors to audience participation. The show is designed to make you feel part of the proceedings and it works. Scripts are held close to the actors’ hearts, but the improvisations are fast becoming legendary. Witty and in-our- faces, like a Japanese Bullet Train, the two hours pass without a hitch, leaving only one question? Will Stacey and Will finally tight the knot? Left in a cloud of lies and deceit, the unstable couple scramble frantically to save their wedding day from total annihilation and make a desperate attempt to bring peace to family life. With fantastic acting and gritty lines, this higher-level comedy sketch-show will tickle you in places that you never knew existed. Laugh, cry, shout or scream, you will be left with mantelpiece memories that last forever.

Raymondo Speedie


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