Cinderella Lives
Venue 13
3rd – 24th August (no show 12th)
Cinderella Lives describes itself as a “Feminist burlesque revolution” that “revisits the fairytale to measure how far women have progressed…” Not exactly my cup of tea I thought.  However setting my bias barometer firmly to neutral I was in for a very pleasant surprise.  From enticing start to exuberant finish writer and performer Aisling Kiely held the room entranced with this cleverly written and wonderfully executed show.
Whether as androgynous fairy godmother, Eve – our middle class, modern day Cinderella – or Eve’s slightly older, abrasive flatmate Alice, Aisling held the audience spellbound as we watched Eve fumble her way through the revelation that maybe her expectations dreams and wishes aren’t really hers at all.  And if they’re not…? With just herself and a handful of props Aisling Kiely delivers a show that is visually striking, humerous and thought provoking. The hour speeds by leaving you re-enthused by The Fringe and delighted to have found one of the gems shining brightly in the multitude. FOUR STARS
four stars
Reviewer Fiona Lindsay

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