Remind Me Again Why I Need A Man


Script: four-stars.png Stagecraft: four-stars.png
Performance: four-stars.png S.O.D: three-stars.png

As the room turns from dark to light Maggie emerges with a man dog. Complete with leash and black leather whip, Maggie means to please. Played out around a white table with more objects of desire than a Toys R Us store, the first of her clients arrive. As spanking commences, time passes and with tasks left unfulfilled the playful sessions begin. This is not a dominatrix sex dungeon, but in fact a comedy theatre show about the Dos and the Don’ts of everyday life, the Whys and Why Nots? Fantasy or reality, right or wrong, who is to judge ? The man above or the man below? You, me or the woman who deals therapeutic pain through pleasurable means. Remind Me Again Why I Need a Man is here to answer those very questions. From civil servants to highly strung bankers they have all required the services of Maggie and her magic. Then the unthinkable happens.

We both like comedies that have a heart. Something that makes you care for the characters even as you’re laughing at them. We like our characters vulnerable. Read the full interview

With another impatient ring at the door, death”s assistant turns up with his new look. Sporting a purple suit and a born again attitude, he is happy to announce that the fun starts when the heart stops and Maggie’s nearly did. Could love conquer death ? Would you lie to death? Does Amazon exist on the otherside and does Alexa Google have all the answers? Remind Me Again Why I Need A Man has some hidden but yet obvious messages about who we are. Thought-provoking, dramatic, motivating, emotional, bewildering and burgeoning with love and fear, this comedy drama connects all the dots. Relationships are the key to life and this duo have smashed it. Creatively written, honest and open, as time slips through Maggie’s hands and love becomes more of a stranger than a friend, you are left with a only one gnawing question? I hope I don’t have a list that long, or do I?

Raymondo Speedie


Remind Me Again Why I Need A Man

Sweet Novotel

Aug 19-25 (13:00)


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