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Despite the rather over-gratuitous flyer, there is a lot more going on to B’Witches than a plastic doll with a big penis. The appendage has only a small part to play in what is in effect a four-way exhibition of dazzling acting & sparkling chemistry. The story is simple; there are three witches, one of whom has been turned into a Barbie doll by another, who was jealous about her seeing her ex. Its time to find a reversal spell, but just like Getafix in Asterix & the Magic Potion, there was a hitch. Camilla came back from her ‘plastic prison cell’ as a man. No better, then, than the deliciously camp Eden McDougall to play her. He was a total comedy trooper, as if the young Andy Bell had taken up acting instead of forming Erasure.

My favourite bit is when Camilla discovers she has a penis! We went charity shop hunting for my costumes and scared off a few of their customers with our in-shop catwalk display. Eden McDougall
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The other two witches are Pili Vergara & Hannah Hughes, whose own cheeky personalities flourish through their parts of Rosa & D’Arcy, bringing levels of fresh reality to the play. Then there is Jack Thomas, who plays something of a narrator/master of ceremonies with a certain stylish dash. Their arena is the Outhouse, who have set up a gorgeous & intimate ’round’ of a space, & B’Witches use it superbly; flitting in & out of the seats, scurrying up onto perches – proper rubber balls of fun bounding through modern colloquialisms.

B’Witches is as jolly as a Restoration masque, & pleasantly short at about 40 minutes, while at all times they looked pure fabulous in their joyishly garish costumes straight out of the 1980s. Along the way we get to giggle off a carousel of alliances, killer-lines & cherry blossoms of the eponymous bitchiness. A lovely, fluffy affair, B’Witches will have you in stitches!

Damian Beeson Bullen



The Outhouse Bar

Aug 15-25 (14.00)

BWitches_Mumble_Flyer Front


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