The De Nova Super


Assembly George Square
July 31- Aug 26 (15.00)

Script: three-stars.png  Stagecraft: five-stars Performance: four-stars.png S.O.D: four-stars.png

Two space explorers come across a derelict spaceship. It was meant to be the last hope to save Human existence from a dying planet. The explorers begin an attempt to get the ship working once more, and the first step is to make friends with the lonely A.I. which has been waiting for someone to save it. That’s the backstory to the De Nova Super, winner of the award for Outstanding New Work at last year’s VAULT Festival.

The De Nova Super is a unique and entertaining hour. The narrative is told through dance, music, lighting, props, make-up and the voice of the ship’s computer. It is just about as perfect a Fringe show as you can get, in that it is strange, yet easily accessible. The whole setting of is very well done, while the choreographed movement tells the story effectively. For me, the story could have been understood even without the narration from the ships A.I.. We were also given splashes of comedy to add inject a little fun into an otherwise dark story. My first thought when it ended was “That was awesome.”


The De Nova Super made me think about loneliness and whether I would go to space to save Humanity? If I left Earth and all the Humans to save them, I would be lonely… so it would be better after all to have company & just wait for the endtimes. It would be a lot better if we just worked together NOW to preserve our existence, rather than waiting until we are forced into outer space. Luckily, the Earth is not coming to an end, so we can see interesting shows such The De Nova Super – a sublimely entertaining way to get together with other humans and enjoy a unique piece of art.

Michael Beeson





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