Photography by Marcia Davis

Gilded Balloon Rose
Aug 3-25 (22.15)

Script: four-stars.png Stagecraft: five-stars Performance: five-stars    

Searchers is like a lost episode of Twin Peaks, exploring the shadow cast by a slice of sweet apple pie which is America. It starts with a rock n’roll intro by the four piece band and moves into a philosophical monologue by the shows star, Mary. Wondering where America came from, she sets out on the fabled road odyssey and comes across country music and surreal mysteries along the way.

Everything about Searchers is tight: the staging is eerie and beautiful, the guitar solos blow your mind, the drum and bass make you want to shake, and there is epic poetry weaved throughout. Searchers is a true Americana cultural experience. It would take months of travelling the grand expanse of America’s highway system to understand what this show packs into one hour.

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I was completely fascinated throughout the show and didn’t want it to end. I feel fortunate to have received a flyer for Searchers, and I must say you are fortunate to be reading about it now. Searchers is a must see at the Edinburgh Fringe 2019.

Michael Beeson


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