Step Mama Drama!

Image 2018 resize SMD theSpaces 2018 Fringe (1)

The Space on the Mile
Aug 4, 6-10 (16:15)

Script: four-stars.png  Stagecraft: four-stars.png  Performance:  five-stars  

I am almost speechless. When I walked into the ‘Space’ space, I found myself entirely enveloped in blackness, from the black curtains which surrounded the whole room to the black chairs, black stage, black prop. It was a tiny space with a tiny stage all of which created a feeling of intense focus. I had hoped it would be a serious play from its name Step Mama Drama rather than a farce. I was rendered speechless when I realised that I would be the only member of the audience and I do mean the only member.  These solo shows at the Fringe are often stunning because of the personal effect because of the single voice and the single dialogue that tap into their audience. Allison Hetzel performed at the Fringe in 2009 and 2010 and said she would have come back sooner had the distance to travel been smaller, from her abode in Alabama.

Her dialogue and her stage positioning was the whole show, she achieved a remarkable marriage between the stories of her real life and the fact that she was performing as an actor. She sat for her more tender dialogue, stood for her audience addresses, and took to a pedestool for a reciting one of her planned interviews with another Step parent story. Her inclusion of all the important parts, which filled the play, can only have come from experience that at points would move us to tears. Allison is a teacher of theatre in Alabama, her professional style reflected her many years of service and innovation to the world of theatre. Her delivery drew me in and helped me reflect on the story with each of its deliveries, are there scenes in solo shows? I couldn’t believe that I was the only audience member funnily it made me feel lucky and helped enhance the experience of seeing an actress work her socks off.

Her treatment of what she calls the ‘human condition’ was apparent as being the point of the dialogue, and to my joy was all handled within the parameters of her life experience specifically in the life of being a step mum. Her knowledge and delivery was one of great highs and great lows. She took us into every one of these parameters with fine detail, emotional intelligence and also an appeal to anyone in the audience, directed at other woman, who may have step parent experience of their own, which could have brought a tear to the actress’s eyes.

In her years of devotion and experience to her professional career, as large as her step mum devotion, she has discovered and been discovered working in theatre across the globe in Greece for example, she found a great love for the art at a school age that she also loved to sing. For her finally of her show Step Mama Drama she performed a song that was written by a friend Raphael Crystal. This was another touching and moving detail that wore the heart of the play on its sleeve in a kind of New York style voice with piano, maybe something to see at a Broadway show. Then she left us, thanked me (personally for attending) to which I replied as almost being blessed for the intimate experience of seeing a strong and complex actress perform in front of no one. Please bless this artist and get yourself along because it’s more than worth it.

Daniel Donnelly


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