Ron The Plumber Meets God-Cilla

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The Loft, The Counting House
Aug 2-17:  (13.30)

Script: five-stars  Stagecraft: two-stars.png  Performance: four-stars.png  

I’m gonna give you a sample scenario. You’re at the Fringe, you like a bit of theatre, you like a bit of comedy, but you just don’t know what mood you’re in right at this moment. If that sounds like you, then Ron the Plumber is the performer for you. For those who feel a smile is the gateway to the soul, Steve Attridge is its Saint Peteresque gatekeeper, so pleasant a sensation it is to be in his company. Even before the show started he was chatting away to the audience, making us all feel relaxed, & eager for the show to commence. For example, some of the crowd were from Arizona, & before long we found out that an 18-year old Steve had once won a competition to meet Rod Stewart & The Faces in America, & ended up becoming the roadie. Three months later he turned up back in Britain & perhaps has never quite recovered.


As an icebreaker I bring along a brochure of flappers & float-balls

I digress. The best way to describe this creation of Mr Attridge is ‘high-brow toilet humour.’ As follow the adventures, escapades & Cockney trade-tricks of Ron the Plumber it is impossible not to guffaw ridiculously at the sheer accuracy of Ron’s mammoth knowledge of Plumbabilia & his appreciation of social niceties, all delivered with hilarious & lyrical honesty.


In a recent interview with The Mumble, Steve told about the origins of Ron, who he says, ‘first appeared a few years ago in a comedy review I wrote and performed. Audiences really liked him so it was always in my mind to write a one man show for him. I wanted a showcase for him – a bit of narrative with an episodic mix of stand up, comedy character and bits of theatre. An OCD character on the rampage through the pipes and cisterns of the nation in a quest to destroy something evil.’

Long story short, if one was to judge the very quintessence of laughter, then Attridge & his adorable Ron are funnier than about %80 of the stand-ups at the Fringe. The stagecraft is a little sparse, but the combination of Steve’s genuine quality & a cleverly thought-out, gag-punctuated, innuendo-pregnant script brings dividends. Totally go see this show… its 35 minutes long – which is perfect for the Fringe I think – its free, & its clearly class! You will also massively increase your knowledge of that oblique corner of reality that keeps us all well flushed!



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