Eddie and the Slumber Sisters


Haddington Corn Exchange
3rd May, 2018

Script: three-stars.png  Stagecraft: five-stars   Performance: five-stars 

The Catherine Wheels Theatre Company & The National Theatre of Scotland have teamed up to bring us an entertaining & innovative play by Anita Vettesse. The Mumble sent in two of our youngest reviewers to see what all the fuss was about…

Eddie and the Slumber Sisters from the start was a charming production. As soon as you walk in, The Slumber Sisters greet you in character, and when everyone is being seated they realise that they themselves are a part of the set, as the slumber sisters put on their show by traveling around the stage and portraying the distinctive characters.


The seating arrangements were very unusual, with an assortment of chairs, stools, armchairs and a bed. Some were lucky and were seated in an armchair, bed, or a plain old chair. However, the others and myself were seated on the less desirable stools; yet this is my only complaint as the acting was on point.

The crew was a key component to the production as there were crucial cues that tied the show together. One of my favourite parts was the slow-motion affect they created with a clever use of lighting. The performers managed to incorporate singing into the piece, yet I would not say it was a musical, which is rare.

As to the acting… absolutely fabulous. They all sell the characters extremely well and sang beautifully throughout. This was a brief summary of my opinions, but I will now pass you over to my 8-year-old sister, Roxana for her thoughts:

I for one enjoyed the singing and the setting was excellent. And the pilot was great. So good. I was a little disappointed with the timing, and felt there should have been a break in between the show. I agree with Ivy that the acting was amazing. My favourite character was Robin.


Reviewed by Ivy & Roxy Oakman


Eddie & the Slumber Sisters is currently touring Scotland, with tickets still available for the following dates only

12 May: Raasay Community Hall, Raasay

14 May: Macphail Centre, Ullapool

18 May: Mareel Theatre, Lerwick

23 May: Clarkston Hall, Clarkston

27 May: Castle Douglas Town Hall, Dumfries & Galloway Arts Festival

30 May – 3 June: Edinburgh International Children’s Festival



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