The Empty Charcoal Box

A Play, a Pie and a Pint
Oran Mor, Glasgow
Aug 28-Sept 2

IMG_6358i Ryan Fletcher, Gavin  Wright.jpg

IMG_6364i James MacKenzie, Ryan  Fletcher, Gavin Wright.jpg

Before a backdrop of a huge page from an adolescent notebook, scribbled with drawings and philosophical ponderings, a man trudges back and forward in a tired dressing gown making a cup of tea. A throbbing soundtrack tells us he’s only human after all. The phone rings and a conversation with an old friend, takes him back to a place he’d rather not be. It’s the 1980’s and Billy, a 5th year boy with journalistic ambitions, has access to the school’s Gestetner printer. What could possibly go wrong? Well given his publication is called the Cumnock Finger, plenty.

IMG_6328ci Gavin Wright, James  MacKenzie, Ryan Fletcher.jpgThe play by Stuart Hepburn explores the relationship between three school friends over three decades. Billy (Ryan Fletcher) is a wannabe intellectual who knows a good book is for being seen with, not reading. Eddie (James Mackenzie) is cool and knows life is for living, not writing about. Deansy (Gavin Wright) is their sensitive specky pal, not terribly sure about anything. The characters are well rounded and their youthful disregard, for actions having consequences, will be all too familiar with many in the audience. With a capella singing and a strong, what-happened-next narrative, this is a sound start to Oran Mor’s autumn season.

Reviewer : David G Moffat


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