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The Space @ Niddry Street
Aug 4th-26 (16.45)

Script: four-stars.png Stagecraft: four-stars.png Performance: four-stars.png  

Take money, take a scam, take a banker and take one proper dodgy trading deal and <boom> you have Penthouse. This play is a turbulent roller-coaster of highs and lows. The scene is a Penthouse hotel room, complete with a bed of inviting tendencies, a glass table decorated in liquor bottles, plus a few deep red chesterfield leather chairs. Is this Ewan’s big last stand or is it time to check out…. In the murky world of bankers and banking risks are taken everyday, but this day is different. Ewan has screwed up big time and in his confusion and disorder is now embroiled in an explosive game of cat and mouse. Now at breaking point a decision has to be made. Live or die???

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In a very recent interview with The Mumble, Ed Brody – the creator of Penthouse – described its raison d’etre as being, ‘a play which focused less on the industry and terminology side of business and more about the bankers themselves. We did a lot of research into bankers and traders and we found the results amazing. Penthouse focuses on them in a situation of desperation.’ There is so much power injected into proceedings at times, I rather felt we were all a part of it. Pushing the boundaries and pulling a punch, fast-paced and direct, one is drawn into the dark space in Ewan’s life. Then enters Eloise, a heavenly escort girl; Drew, the sidekick for the Iranian coke dealers, in whose tow bimbles his excitable and eccentric trading colleague Danny – this combo is a veritable cocktail of TNT. As both party and drama unfold; anger, hate, deceit, lies, wit, fun & humour all play a part in this courageous piece of theater. Designed and portrayed with a real sense of reality, it offers an insight to a unknown world that we hear of, but never quite see.

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Penthouse is great production with dollops of highly believable and in-your-face acting. Performed and executed to an elegantly high standard, the chemistry between the actors was refreshing to see. The audience were fixed to their seats, eyes forward and with intrigued looks on all our faces as we were silently thrilled by this show. Laugh, cry, or be shocked & stunned by a bullet from a gun, Penthouse truly hits the mark & won’t be forgotten in a hurry.

Reviewed by Raymondo


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