An Interview With Marc Sinoway

4bb8618bb8c60a89b34a4d1a240616a6_400x400.jpegHello Marc, so where ya from & where ya at, geographically speaking?
Hiya! I hail from New York City. Currently I am in Edinburgh, Scotland in a flat that’s in a building with a blue door.

When did you first find yourself getting into the dramatic arts?
Well, I was obsessed with the film versions of Grease & Mary Poppins by the time I was 5. I went to my first Broadway Show at 10 (Les Miserables). I was convinced I wanted to be an MTV veejay by 12. I did my first play in High School at 16. By 18 I was selecting universities based on their proximity to NYC so I’d be able to audition for MTV if they required me in person. By 22 I was living in NYC and pursuing my veejaying career. Someone at MTV recommended me for commercials. Someone in the commercial world recommended me for a soap opera. By 24 I had my first lines on a soap opera and I realized I didn’t really know what the fuck I was doing. By 26 I was in a 2-year acting program in NYC. By 36 I was in Edinburgh with a wonderful play living in a flat in a building with a blue door. I suppose I was always attracted to the dramatic arts.

What for you makes a good piece of theatre?
For me, a good piece of theatre is anything that grabs you. Anything that makes you forget what is happening outside of the theatre for the time you are in the theatre, but that will stay with you once you have left the space. Anything that can make you think, make you laugh, make you cry, make you uncomfortable, visually stun you is a good piece of theatre. Theatre is so powerful. I can still be moved just thinking about work I’ve seen weeks, even years ago. I am particularly interested in theatre that can ONLY be done on a stage. A lighting shift that indicates a jump in space or time… a 25 year old actor playing a 70 year old man… a costume that is removed to reveal another costume… cast doubling… a projection that makes you feel like someone is flying… I love all of that. If your piece is just going to be be hyer-realism on stage, make a film. 🙂

What does Marc Sinoway like to do when he’s not being theatrical?
Ha. Am I ever not being theatrical? Well I’m not sure if I like it, but I spend a fair amount of time in the gym… you know, gotta watch my girlish figure since people seem to want me to take my clothes off on stage. :)I love exploring new cities. I love cocktail culture & food. Love seeing what people are doing around the world with their spirits & eats. I love sitting at a bar and talking to the bartender and the strangers on either side of me. I love t-shirts. One of my favorite activities is searching for t-shirts in thrift shops. I like design. I particularly like design of hotels. I like taking photos of mundane but beautiful things with my iPhone & posting them to Instagram. I love to tweet clever musings. I love the beach. I like to lounge in the sun. Get so tan that my teeth sparkle in comparison. I like the feeling of sand in my hair. I love massages & naps. 🙂

You’ve been washed up on a desert island with three good books. Which would they be?
1) Eckhart Tolle’s “A New Earth.” That book is like my bible. It always centers me and reminds me how small my “problems” are.
2) Bret Easton Ellis’ “Glamorama” I can read the the part that takes place on the cruise ship over and over. Also that hot 3-way scene might be useful on a desert island. 🙂
3) Did Shaw or Shakespeare write anything canonical that comes with photographs of chiseled men in Speedos?

As an actor/actress, what are the secrets to a good performance?
I think the secret to a good performance is first working your ass off. Then trusting that the work is there. Being in the moment. Simplicity. Knowing that you are enough. Often you don’t need to DO anything extra. Just you being present and delivering the material is enough. By virtue of being human, the uniqueness that is you will be interesting. Take whatever you are feeling (nerves, anxiety, etc), and know that that is the perfect point from which to begin the creative process. Also. Breathe.


Marc & Nathan

How have you found working with director, Nathan Wright?
Ha! Working with Nathan Wright is amazing. Nathan is an artistic genius. He really understands theatre and is not scared to explore. He works very collaboratively with actors and always wants to see what we bring before ever telling us what to do. It is clear that Nathan understands not only the actors, but the playwright, the structure of the play, the relationship of the actor the the space, etc. It is very exciting to unlock a play with Nathan. I trust him implicitly when it comes to anything theatrical. Working with Nathan is also a challenge. Nathan is my partner of 7 years. Sometimes our relationship enters the room, and our boundaries need to be navigated. “Don’t fucking call me ‘babe’ when we are in the rehearsal room.’” 🙂 Nathan also knows all of my “tricks.” So I can’t bullshit him. It can be really exhausting to work with someone you can’t fool even for a moment. Also, when the director is your partner, sometimes performance notes come home with you. I can get a note at any moment. 🙂 But overall it’s wonderful. I find working with Nathan very artistically exciting and satisfying.


You will be bringing The Waiting Game to Edinburgh this August, can you tell us about the play?
The Waiting Game is a psychological drama. It’s a love triangle if we only consider the players who aren’t in comas. The Waiting Game is a love square if we consider all the players who’s hearts still beat. It is a love pentagon if we consider technology as a 5th character. 🙂 Basic setup: I play Paolo. Paolo is married to Sam for 10 years. In year 8 or 9, Sam is seriously involved with another man, Geoff. Sam is now in a coma. Paolo is passing the time with a younger boyfriend(ish) named Tyler. Geoff comes to Paolo and asks Paolo for conservatorship over Sam. While all this is happening Paolo is finding connection online via G-chat. Who is Paolo talking to?

What are we to expect from your character, Paulo?
Paolo is just trying his best. Paolo is struggling. He is confused and sad and has a lot of unresolved “stuff” with his partner of 10 years. It’s day to day for Paolo. He is pretty reckless… perhaps unconsciously reckless. I feel for the poor guy. 🙂

What emotive responses do you expect from your audience?
A recent viewer described the play as “emotion porn.” The play is really intense. You can feel the audience inch nearer as the drama increases. I am not sure that I expect anything from the audience, as every person has a different experience, but we are excited about how moved the audience is when the lights come up. There are tears and sniffles. The Waiting Game also inspires robust post-show conversation surrounding the mystery of who Paolo is chatting with online. Bring tissues. Just in case.

In one sentence can you describe the experience of performing in Edinburgh in August?
Only been here a week, but from what I have seen, I can’t imagine a better place, a better environment in which to share our work. 🙂

What does the rest of 2017 hold in store for Marc Sinoway?
Well if all goes as planned, this interview will get me a role on Game of Thrones. That’s what the kids are watching these days, right? 🙂

You can catch Marc in The Waiting Game right now…

Aug 4-26 : Greenside @ Infirmary (16.15)

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