World Domination

A Play, a Pie and a Pint,

Oran Mor, Glasgow

27th Feb to 4th March

IMG_5518i Louise Ludgate, Hannah  Donaldson.jpg

Script: four-stars  Stagecraft: four-stars Performance: four-stars 

World Domination is a meandering vision of a broken family, anchored upon a suburban dominatrix dungeon. The madame of the crypt is played by Louise Ludgate, who at first rejects the return of her errant  sister, Hannah Donaldson. What follows is a gradual shifting of the spheres as the-at-first stoic dominatrix begins to crumble, while the once-flakey, ketamine-bombing sister begins to ‘dominate’ proceedings, in the most gentlest of ways that is.

IMG_5546i Hannah Donaldson, Louise  Ludgate.jpg

The two actresses bob along with an unstrained & effortless chemistry, & the script stands up to scrutiny. This is playwright Lesley Heart’s fifth A Play, A Pie and A Pint staged, & it’s a moving,  snapshot of the mediocratic malaise which effects modernity. I particularly liked the script at:

  • : This is my dungeon, my place of work
  • : Its quite a change from human resources
  • : No I don’t think it is


An excellent addition to this season’s PPP, especially if you like your theatre clad in lycra & your scenes divided by hard-core German Techno.

Reviewer : Damo Beeson Bullen


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