Preview : Dr Stirlingshire’s Discovery

This April, Grid Iron, Lung Ha Theatre Company, RZSS Edinburgh Zoo and Royal Lyceum Theatre Edinburgh will be offering an alternative experience to the Caledonian the theatre-goer


The world premiere of Morna Pearson’s Dr Stirlingshire’s Discovery opens at RZSS Edinburgh Zoo on Saturday 1 April and plays until Sunday 9 April, 2017. Directed by Joe Douglas and Maria Oller, Dr Stirlingshire’s Discovery tells the tale of Dr Vivien Stirlingshire, a cryptozoologist, who is unveiling her latest discovery at the world famous RZSS Edinburgh Zoo. A cryptozoologist? I am sure you know they travel the world seeking out hidden and, as yet, undiscovered “animals” – you know the type – the Yeti or closer to home that Loch Ness Monster. Her brother Henry, the Zoo Manager, has organised a grand welcoming party but believes his sister has an overactive imagination – “she’s not a proper scientist; after all she believes in The Wild Haggis, no really she does!”

This magical promenade performance takes you on a journey both inside and outside at the Zoo, where you will meet a diverse range of characters and various forms of life, from squabbling Zoo guides to dancing penguins (not real ones of course) to…. Well, truth is Dr Stirlingshire doesn’t know what to call it yet…for all of history this creature has evaded discovery. Any ideas?  The cast will include members of Lung Ha Theatre Company; lighting is by Simon Wilkinson, design is by Karen Tennent with music composition by Philip Pinsky.



Dates & Times:

Previews Saturday 1 & Sunday 2 April at 6.30pm
Tuesday 4 – Sunday 9 April at 6.30pm
Tickets: Previews 1 & 2 April £7 – £10
4 – 9 April £10 – £15, Family ticket £35 (2 adults + 2 children)

Box Office:

Royal Lyceum Theatre Edinburgh Box Office 0131 248 484

Edinburgh International Science Festival Box Office 0844 557 2686

All performances are relaxed. BSL signed performance on 5 April at 6.30pm
Running time: approximately 90 mins


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