The Suppliant Women

The Lyceum Theatre


1st – 15th October 2016



Script: four-stars Stagecraft: three-stars  Performance:four-stars

On a slightly chilly October night the Lyceum seemed like a warm environment to set oneself in order to take in this astonishing theatrical production of The Suppliant Women. A two thousand year old play with a subtle but new twist is brought to us by young enthusiastic actors from all over Edinburgh. With an introduction of a sea-slip stage with a slant, and four buckets of water the logic of the set was clear. After a small introduction, the stage is then engulfed with a wave of women.  Enstrangled  and desperate, they are fleeing domestic uncertainly and are looking to seek refuge in Greece under the protection of Zeus. A drama, a play and a musical, it tends to have it all.  As the light dims the saga begins…  huddled together , crossing a deadly ocean, braving winds and storms they reach the protection off the Greek Gods…

With branches and white ribbons as props and well-crafted movement, the play takes on an endearing mood. Sung in chorus and beautifully delivered we close our eyes, listen and take a step back in time. With tales of Gods, Kings, Ancient Cities, Greece, Egypt and with emotionally wounded women, this is an enchanting piece of drama.  It was inspiring to see so many young people giving their time and talents to understanding our past histories. To take a piece of theatrical history and create an informal but educational insight to times passed is heart warming…  the relevant points that relate to us today as well as 1000s of  years ago are apparent to see within this production.

As the cast grows in size so does the tension. The musical score was haunting but soothing, driving the play along at full speed the anticipation builds around you.  With the King and people granting the ladies asylum, a mad frenzy of joy and relief is unleashed.  A stunned silence covering the audience and with a quietness of consideration – it was all rather like being in a church. Well rehearsed, delivered with heart and desire, this was a moving and thought-provoking play. Pushing the boundaries is a huge part of theater and these actors did just that. The Suppliant Women moves you and warms you to the understanding of human endeavours. If you get a chance to be involved in, or to witness this pay, please take time to support it & be educated in the ancient arts of drama.

Reviewed by Raymond Speedie


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