Dark Tales



Script: four-stars Stagecraft: four-stars  Performance:  five-stars

Dark Tales is a horror come thriller by Tim Arthur. Played out in a dark, upper level room of the Pleasance Courtyard with gladiatorial type seating, this was sure to be an eerie tale of jitters and scary moments.  With a well-crafted and realistic stage set, you can see that this is a production that has thought of it all. With brick walls, cabinets, library shelves of books,  a singular desk, and a few chairs scattered around, we are drawn into the murky world of Alex Crowley, a lecturer with an ambition to write chilling horror stories.  With Mr. Crowley as the main character he is soon put in his place by Lucy and Jack, two of his highly strung students. As the tale becomes unhinged the darker side of the three menacing characters is revealed …

The strong acting and convincing dialogue allows the viewer to become engulfed in the deceitful relationship between the characters. With the first quarter of the play setting the scene, the story becomes apparent…. Jealousy, lust, manipulation , love, anger, revenge and hatred are just a few of the stomach-churning emotions that are highlighted in Dark Tales. The fight for one women’s love soon drives the two bickering rivals to a duel of verbal insults. Like a balloon waiting to burst,  you become obsessed with anticipation as spooky music starts clawing its way across the backs of the audience. Sit tight and don’t move, even a twitch could be fatal…

The tension builds…  The voices get louder…  The insults become threats…  finally, with the truth at large, the three objectives become clear.  Hitting you head-on, like a deer in the headlights of your car, your are stunned and shocked as to what was about to happen..  Enchanting yet twisted, disturbing yet relieving, this is not a show for the faint-hearted.  The performance, delivery and execution of the acting was superb, grasping and holding the audiences attention the actors were a joy to watch.  With Crowley’s goal accomplished the tale comes to a dramatic and sinister end.  Never turn your back on your enemy or friends ?  Theatrical horror tales at its very best….

Reviewed by Raymond Speedie



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