Teatro Delusio

The Pleasance Grand

3rd – 29th August (13.45)  


Script: four-stars Stagecraft: four-stars  Performance: four-stars

Teatro Delusio is a another masterpiece brought to us by the production team at Familie  Floz from Stuttgart in Germany.  This is an intriguing piece of theatre, with three stage-actors and a collection of convincing and lovable characters, they proceed to take you on a journey through the magical and fantastic world of live puppetry. With masks that resembled the eerie, yet comfort of a childhood doll, you are immediately drawn in. The stage set is designed as a split-scenery stage, with the story taken place at the back of the main stage during an opera. Theatre within Opera..  Opera within Theatre … Genius !!!!!

Powerful and moving, touching and endearing,  this is a show that delivers it all. With a white dress only suitable for an angel, the first character is introduced and the show starts – the tale of the hidden lives of the theater’s technical staff. Engulfed in their lives, it soon becomes obvious that there is more to this than the eye can see. Encounters with swords, women and unscrupulous situations all play host to this tale of darkness becoming light. With costumes that delight the eye and lighting that sets the mood, it hits the mark, big time!

With comedy being injected. and emotion being attached, you are catapulted to the hidden universe of  tragedy and love. A theatrical maze that allows the audience to embrace an array of imaginative places.  Like an illusion, you are transfixed, rooted to your seat in anticipation you become intrigued as acting, live puppetry and silent movement capture the finesse and uniqueness of this production. Like a silent movie with the humour of Laurel and Hardy, you find laughter at every turn.

imgres.jpgWritten, produced and beautifully crafted for the stage, the show is executed with precise meaning.  A world of make-believe becomes a reality & when the worlds of fantasy collide the result is Teatro Delusio. Visually stunning  and emotionally warming this pulls at your heart strings. The train of musical scores is captivating; Barber’s  ‘Adagio for Strings’ music without words tells an unspoken story..  simply beautiful.  This is theatre, dramatic arts, story-telling & creativity escalated to a different height. The love affair, the slap-stick humour and the unseen opera all adds to a dizzying array of mind -racking thoughts that hurtle through your head. Uplifting, amazing, different and educational, this show should not be missed.  Take yourself away to a time and place far from here and find a moment to be you. Very moving…..

Reviewed by Raymond Speedie


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