Underbelly, Cowgate
Until 28th August
Script: five-stars Stagecraft: two-stars.png  Performance: three-stars

This performance has gained some pretty impressive reviews to date, 5 stars all over the shop. So with eager anticipation I set off in search of quality theater. Blush was a sell-out-seat-wise, centered around five characters – four girls and a boy – who talked a lot about porn and naughty selfies. The show’s promo would have led one to believe that this was to be a sexy show. Their is simple stage set centered around a big red dot with plain but effective lighting, but unfortunately, the two actors that perform this piece looked as though they had walked out of Sainsburys having just bought a pint of milk during half time, wardrobe really did not come into this. So it was down to raw talent alone to tell this story. The pro’s and cons of digital seduction.

Blush’s complex script moves at a fast pace – Josephine and Daniel Foxsmith unite in a formidable partnership, working in impressive symbiosis. Josephine, doubling as Blush’s writer, embodies the characters who’s lives are slowly shamed on becoming unsuspecting online porn stars. An evolution from sex texting to full frontal open leg shots and the emotional difficulties that the unsuspecting fame of this can muster. Relationships and lives are destroyed with the simple “Ting” of a bell to signify another online like for an impulsive naked selfie. With such a complex script and no costume changes, one had to keep one’s attention focused to determine what was going on. Fitting a 2.5 hour show into the 60 minute fringe performance did not give the subject matter and script time to breathe. It did get a standing ovation from some members of the audience. Divine left with his head spinning.

Reviewer : Mark ‘Divine’ Calvert


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