Alix In Wundergarten

 The Cow Barn

Until The 29th August (19.10)

Alix in Wundergarten - Dean Rehman, Dewi-Rhys Williams  (photo credit Aenne Pallasca) .jpg
Script: five-stars Stagecraft: five-stars  Performance: five-stars

The Cow Barn is a plush & well-equipped theatre in The Underbelly Quadrant. Tuesday’s Mumble Mission was to bear witness to a Welsh production of art madness. So abstract! So bizarre! So powerful in its presentation! Not unlike the experience one gets under the influence of psychedelic hallocinigens, one expects. Trying to make any sense of this ‘trip’ was futile. Disturbingly hilarious, with a script so complex one could only wonder if this was actually being improvised. If it was nae improvised then its visionary stuff, the product of a very interesting yet disturbed mind, brought to vibrant life by a cast of Welsh surrealists.

Chaos and natural order find themselves embattled throughout this finely poised representation of the thin line between genius and insanity. Sexy, poetic and dark, Alix in Wundergarten is  not so much inspiring but more mind frying.I guarantee that this powerful and very colorful unique piece of theatre change your life. Eighteen hours on I am still not sure what exactly happened back there, but I have changed. I suppose that is what Genius does… Mental but Genius.

Reviewer : Mark ‘Divine’ Calvert


Alix in Wundergarten - Jess Lloyd Jones, Francois  Pandolfo, Dean Rehman (photo credit Aenne Pallasca) .jpg

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