Head à Tête

Venue 13

Aug 6-14 (17.20)


Script: four-stars Stagecraft: three-stars  Performance: four-stars

The Mumble loves Venue 13 – a classy wee corner of the Fringe’s theatreland off the bottom of the Roral Mile, it consistently brings a series of clever productions full of youth & interest. Our first peep behind the curtain this year invites the audience members into a bubbling pool of cool character interactions as a guy in a box meets a guy out of a box underneath a bauble-heavy tree. Created by David S. Craig and Robert Morgan, & brought to Edinburgh by Yuffa, at first we are presented by some pretty physical theatre. Eventually, the two chaps finally meet, & we discover one is French & the other American -& soon they are acting like a bickering, married couple.


So what happens? Well, we are actually given a wonderful insight into the blossoming of human relationships, human friendships, all framed by a lovely little set of pastel-cinctured boxes. With Please speaking only English, and Moitie only French, the chief dynamic is the growth of understanding between the two men – which one could apply to internatal cultures just as well.  It’s all rather good fun, & just as the adults snigger at the rude jokes in the Simpsons while the kids are glued to the cartoon shape-making, so too does Head à Tête contain something for all. A most charming piece of theatre that at half an hour is really perfectly pitched.

Reviewer : Damo Bullen


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