Faulty Towers The Dining Experience

B’est Restaurant
Dates: 4-29 August 2016


Script: four-stars Stagecraft: 5  Performance: 5

The Interactive Theatre International presents the world-renowned Faulty Towers, The Dining Experience, as it returns to Edinburgh for it’s ninth consecutive year.  Joined by a new cast, Suzanna Hughes (Sybil), Benedict Holme (Basil) and Oliver Harrison (Manuel).  From the first step into the side courtyard the terrific trio have our giggle-boxes gently warmed, as they introduce their famous 70’s British sit-com characters we all know and love.  The three actors closely resemble their character; Holme in his ill-fitted brown Basil suit and lank, side-combed hair.  Hughes fashioning Sybil’s tight-curled hair and loud pink ruched bust and matching heels, while Harrison dons the classic waiter uniform and Manual’s submissive stoop.

We are led (or pulled) to our shared tables and thereafter-culinary disaster ensues!  Only a third of the three-course act is scripted, so anything can happen and no show is the same!  Between and during each course we are exposed to inappropriate insults and hilarious disorganisation.  The threesome reenact our most adored TV scenario….  Basil torments Manuel; Sybil torments Basil, just as per the TV sit-com.  After two hours of endless laughter, the strangers sitting tightly around your large shared table become your comrades throughout the chaos.

During this sold-out show, the audience are immersed into every feeling the actors portray.  The performers give their all to the show, sweat pours from their heads and veins pop out from stress.  Basil tries to maintain order by being exceedingly polite to the dining guests, while chasing Manuel around the restaurant.  Manuel’s lovable character steels the show; he plunges himself into Manuel’s personality and expressions.  It could have been so easy to exaggerate the character, yet Harrison performs it so naturally. Mistaken English and amusing innuendos leave our sides spitting.

The cuisine is ok – however we are not there for the food, it’s the non-stop entertainment happen around us that makes it a most memorable evening.

Reviewer : Sarah Lewis


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