Dusty Horne’s Sound & Fury


Pleasance Queen Dome

3rd – 29th Aug (14.30)



Script: three-stars.png Stagecraft: four-stars.png  Performance: three-stars.png

Dusty Horne’s Sound and Fury is a bubbling pool of cinematic sound creations, forged in the mind-vaults of the eccentric and energetic Dusty. With a certain Nicholas as her loyal sidekick, Dusty takes us on a journey through the images, the sounds and the films of the 1960s. Taking her seat amidst within the movie-making pantheon, she wants to prove her worth buy adding her peculiar genius in the art of adding soundscapes to the world of cinema. With a collection of household stage-props and a backdrop of cinematic memorabilia,  this production has been well-thought out and designed with a passionate heart. As Jack Foley and Alfred Hitchcock brought to life with a box of stones and a bucket of water, Dusty delivers her muse with fun, sharpness and the occasional dramatic outburst, a well chiseled character determined to have her place in cinematic history.


While crazy black hair and an extroverted look added to Dusty’s mystique, her stage presence was simply gripping – she held good eye-contact with all the audience,  who were soon invited to participate in the show and with Tom, Chloe Disney and myself soon executing the sounds with wood, celery and a wet dusters, creating the soundtrack to the Hitchcock classic, The Birds. With pieces of celery flying around the room and water dripping down my leg to the sound of Chloe’s seagull howls, it all made perfect sense. Meanwhile, the relationship between Dusty and Nicholas was played out with a real warmth and sadness, creating a separate story of true friendship.

Despite having only two central characters ,the show held its own, where I found combining diverse and nicely trimmed acting with the world of cinema a veritable gust of fresh air!  The hour flew by, when it felt like only 30 minutes, a sure sign of a good production. It is dramatic, funny, factual , turbulent, and full of magic. Where else could one discover how the sound of a rubber glove on a wash board doubles for an alien crab’s claw scraping along a rock formation!!!! If you are a cinema lover, dramatics art lover, pop-art 60s lover, film lover and even just a curious character who enjoys a trip back in time, then this show is for you. Sublime and soothing to the eye, this show shone a different light on the cacophonous sounds we hear in films. Quirky and entertaining, I was pleasantly contented with the structure and delivery of the show… a great start to year’s this  Fringe.

Reviewer : Raymond Speedie


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