Arsehammers / Bonfire Night

Oran Mor, Glasgow

A Play, A Pie and A Pint

Mon, 23 May, 2016 — Sat, 28 May, 2016

27193316255_d9bb7ae3a4_mFlawless Cora Fenton excels all expectations in both short plays by award winning writer Claire Dowie, well known for inventing her own genre: stand up theatre and her writing for television. Directed brilliantly by John Sheehy (Fred & Alice, The Hole and Set in Stone) we are taken on two journeys that are witty and highly entertaining.

ARSEHAMMERS is the story of a boy whose grandfather has alzheimer’s disease and is trying to compute what this means to him, his sister, his newly monosyllabic mother and his increasingly occupied father. Not the usual stuff of comedy but it is funny, particularly because of the unusual standpoint of the young lad who loves his grandad so much.

Fenton is hypnotic in her portrayal of the boy and his innocent and naive standpoint. This produces rich comedy pickings that are lavished throughout the script as thickly as the drips of the beans on toast the boy holds up in disgust to the audience.

“Having Arsehammers is magic. Sometimes you don’t have them and then, all of a sudden, bang, you have them again”. He is certain his grandfather has supernatural powers that are the cause of his being found in the strangest of places which he tries to emulate with his friends to no avail much to the audiences delight.


27097563652_94e01b8fd4_mIn BONFIRE NIGHT we are treated to the sound effects of bonfire rockets. “If you hear a loud bang on bonfire night do you think it’s a firework….or a gun going off?” This daughter, with a penchant for luger guns, whose mother’s hip operation and subsequent death at the hands of a drink driver lead her to become the most unlikely assassin, a killer with sympathies.This hilarious farce about what could happen if you are given ballet books in childhood when all you want to do is to play cowboys and characters from The Man From Uncle but know even at a tender age that ‘girls are never heroes.’

Both plays have ordinary characters that turn out to be the complete opposite thanks to the tremendous writing, directing and performing that makes this a highlight of the A Play, A Pie and A pint season.

Inline image 5

Reviewer : Clare Crines

Script: 5 Stagecraft: 5  Performance: 5

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