There Is Someone Who Hates Us

Play A Pie And A Pint

Oran Mor


April 11th-16th



Script: 5  Stagecraft: four-stars  Performance: four-stars

This play by Brazilian playwright Michelle Ferreira, adapted for the production by Lynda Radley and directed by Amanda Gaughan, is a dark and claustrophobic journey into the relationship between an unlikely couple. Fiery, lanky Brazilian, Maria, played by Maria De Lima, has brought petite, reserved and Scottish, Cate, played by Eilidh McCormick, to a small flat in Sao Paulo in the hope that a change of scene will kick-start their faltering relationship.

The flat was owned by Maria’s grandfather, who, it transpires, tortured opponents of a former repressive Brazilian government.

Maria can be pretty ruthless too, as she shows with her treatment of an injured bird that collides with the window of the flat.

Cate is worried by the noises in the old house and after a wild party where she was ridiculed by some of Maria’s friends, the doorbell rings and opening the door reveals a rudimentary homophobic drawing scrawled across it’s breadth.

Further incidents continue to unsettle Cate and it turns out that the young white son of a neighbour is the source of the trouble. The police aren’t interested in taking any action, much to Maria and Cate’s disgust. Without spoiling the plot things come to a nasty end and we are left wondering if there is any future for the pair.


This play also exposes the fact that attitudes to homosexuality in Brazil haven’t progressed and that the country can still be a dangerous and oppressive place.

Paticular mention has to be made of the sound and lighting, which were very effective in mirroring the changing moods and subtle shifts in the course of the unfolding drama. An intriguing piece.


Reviewer : Dave Ivens


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